Anti-Chafing Cream 150ml 運動防磨擦乳霜150ml

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Sinergie Naturali Italy

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Anti-chafing and anti-friction, suitable for cyclists, runners, athletes, swimmers, etc.

  • Ideal cream for treating body parts subject to rubbing
  • It's particularly an emollient formulation that forms a true protective film on skin to prevent irritations, making it perfect for sportsmen
  • It contains a high percentage of zinc oxide, which soothes and dries parts of the body affected by heavy perspiration during sporting activity 


  • Apply the cream on the parts of the body exposed to rubbing and affected by heavy perspiration: inner thighs, inner arms, nipples, inner ankles, inner knees and feet
  • External use. Avoid contact with the eyes  

Main Ingredients

  • Zinc oxide: protective, soothing
  • Plant oils: emollient
  • Arnica extract: soothing, moisturising
  • Cembra pine oil: balsamic, relaxing


  • 其獨特的潤膚配方,塗抹後於皮膚上形成保護膜,以防止磨擦產生的疼痛
  • 氧化鋅能舒緩和保持大汗的身體部位乾爽


  • 運動前塗抹在皮膚容易被磨擦的位置,有效防止 因磨擦而產生的紅腫痛楚,減少皮膚磨損
  • 適合在運動前使用乳霜不適用於受傷部位
  • 只限外用,避免接觸眼睛


  • 氧化鋅:保護、舒緩 
  • 植物油:潤膚
  • 山金車提取物:舒緩、保濕
  • 瑞士石松精油:鎮靜、放鬆

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