Harry Potter x Kitsch Body Wash 4pc Sampler Set 哈利波特魔法滋潤沐浴皂迷你四個套裝

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  • Creates an invigorating, gentle lather to cleanse & nourish your skin without stripping or drying it out
  • Set includes 4 x 1.25-in mini magical bars:
  • Candy Floss: A Honey Duke’s Candy Shop favorite! Enjoy the essence of guava extract to brighten and gently exfoliate skin
  • Chocolate Frog: All aboard the Hogwarts Express! Moisturize dry skin with this antioxidant-rich, cocoa-infused delight 
  • Marshmallow Jelly Bean: Lather up, & indulge in the sweet scents of Bertie Bott’s Marshmallow Jelly Beans. Infused with marshmallow root to soothe your skin
  • Sherbet Lemon: Infused with a natural source of Vitamin C, this brightening bar is inspired by Dumbledore’s favorite candy


  • 一盒四個裝,每個1.25"迷你沐浴皂
  • 四款 沐浴皂靈感源於哈利波特
  • 棉絮棉花糖(粉紅色): 蜂蜜公爵糖果店的口味!由番石榴萃取物製作,可以提亮和為肌膚去角質
  • 青蛙巧克力(巧克力色): 讓人聯想到電影中哈利在霍格華茲特快列車中正要吃巧克力蛙時,它卻從車窗逃走的場面。此款沐浴皂可以深層滋潤肌膚。
  • 粒粒棉花糖(米白色): 柏蒂怪味糖中的Marshmallow!甜美的招牌口味, 此款沐浴皂有助舒緩肌膚。
  • 檸檬雪葩(黃色): 檸檬口味的麻瓜硬糖,鄧不利多最愛的口味! 沐浴皂含維他命C,有助提亮肌膚。

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