L Series // Natty McNasty Sunglasses L Series // 天藍色透明鏡框太陽眼鏡

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Blenders Eyewear

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The L Series feature nearly indestructible ball joint hinges that allow the arms to safely detach and reattach.

If you wear 'Natty McNasty' shades, you’ll be richly rewarded. First, there’s the mirrored lenses, which are awesome. The guys who make mirrored lenses don’t mess around: they grind those babies down and polish them til the quality is equal to what you’d expect from a camera lens. Then there’s the snap off hinges, which makes these things hard to break. That’ll come in handy when you sit on these things or throw them at the wall. (We know you will, because you’re nasty.
  • L Series 
  • FDA approved Impact Resistant Lenses
  • Crystal Clear Frame
  • Sky Blue Mirrored Lenses 
  • Maximum Comfortability
  • Versatile Snap Off Hinge
  • Microfiber Pouch Included
  • Feature 100% UV400 protection

Blenders Eyewear L 系列 'Natty Mcnasty' 採用耐用的聚碳酸酯製造,不易變形,輕巧易搭

鏡框顏色: 透明
鏡片顏色: 天藍色
鏡框材質:  聚碳酸酯
鏡面寬: 55mm

- 系列: Blenders Eyewear L Series
- 100% 抗UV400
- 鏡片通過美國FDA抗撞擊測試 
- 含眼鏡收納袋
- 台灣製造

#Blenders Eyewear
由兩熱愛戶外運動的年輕人Chase Fisher Blake Jensen2012年創立, 
品牌根據感覺#FeelinGood所設計, 靈感取材來自海洋、文化和身處環境。

#Stripes // 標誌
每副太陽眼鏡都印有標誌性圖案‘Stripes //’,意味著向前的生活走出世界,點亮你人生每個比賽。

Blenders 兼顧三大特點-特色設計、高品質與價格低,產品剛推出就引起不小迴響。

Rapper Snoop Dog NBA 籃球員Mario Chalmers、創意策畫者Brighton Galvan和音樂人TYDI等等。

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