Petal Peach Hair Ties Set 無痕髮圈 - 花瓣與蜜桃

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  • Feel pretty as a peach with these cute knotted hair ties in pastel shades of peach, cream and gold.
  • This five piece hair tie set will look great on your wrist and in your hair!
  • Materials: Composed of nylon and spandex
  • Care Instructions
  • Avoid excessive amounts of water, which will help keep from piling (annoying little fabric nubs). 
  • When cleaning the hair tie, hand wash with a gentle detergent and lay flat to dry for best results.
  • 扎頭髮用的無痕髮圈,不會令頭髮留有痕跡
  • 可作手繩使用
  • 物料: 尼龍及彈性纖維

  • 保養方法
  • 手洗,並加入少量潔劑清洗
  • 清潔後待自然風乾
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