Pre-Race Warming Cream 150ml 肌肉熱身乳霜 150ml

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Pre-Race Warming Cream with a high heating power, particularly suitable for preparing muscles and joints before sporting performance.

  • Ideal cream to stimulate the superficial blood microcirculation.
  • The slight warming effect anticipates athlete's muscle warm-up, avoiding annoying contractures.
  • Rich in Arnica Extract and Cembro pine essential oil


  • Apply the cream to the affected part of the body 10-15 minutes before exercise, massaging until completely absorbed.
  • Do not apply on the areas with skin wound or near mucous membranes.
  • Wash hands thoroughly after application. 
  • External use. Avoid contact with the eyes. 

Main Ingredients

  • Plant oils: emollient
  • Methyl nicotinate: warming and stimulating
  • Arnica extract: soothing and moisturising
  • Cembra pine oil: balsamic and relaxing


  • 運動前塗抹在肌肉位置,會有輕微發暖的效果,有效刺激血液循環。
  • 適合在運動前為肌肉和關節熱身,避免肌肉因熱身不足的拉傷


  • 運動前10-15分鐘於手臂,大腿,小腿肌肉和關節位好使用乳霜,按摩至完全吸收 
  • 乳霜不適用於受傷部位
  • 只限外用,避免接觸眼睛
  • 使用乳霜後,必須清洗雙手 


  • 植物油:潤膚
  • 煙酸甲酯:溫熱、提神
  • 山金車提取物:舒緩、保濕
  • 瑞士石松精油:鎮靜、放鬆
  • 含植物活性成分

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