Star Aromatherapy Locket 14K金擴充香氣頸鍊・星星

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Take the benefits of aromatherapy wherever you go with our elevated Aromatherapy Lockets!
Enjoy by placing a few drops of oil onto the felt pad, close the locket,
wear and breathe in your favorite fragrance!

  • 3 felt pads included
  • Necklace chain measures 21 inches
  • 14k gold plated brass
  • 頸鍊不單是裝飾品,亦是能讓人療癒的精油香氛
  • 材質:鍍14K金
  • 長度:全長21"
  • 附送兩個替芯(合共三個)


  1. 使用你喜歡的精油/香水
  2. 打開鍊嘴,加入三至四滴墊片上
  3. 合上鍊嘴後,香氣會透過項鍊旁邊的小洞揮發
  4. 香氣圍繞著你一整天

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