Natural Rose Quartz Face Roller and Gua Sha Massage Set 天然玫瑰粉晶按摩瘦面套裝(玉石按摩棒及刮痧板)

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Face Roller and Gua Sha are a legend in Chinese medicine and beauty rituals due to their concerns of premature aging being caused by poor blood circulation. These two beautiful gems will definitely improve your skin. Stimulate blood flow and collagen production, as well as aiding lymphatic drainage and calming puffiness and
inflammation for a sculpted, toned and lifted complexion.

Natural Rose Quartz Crystals

  • Due to natural formations in the crystal, each tool will be unique. Color will vary slightly from the picture that is listed.
  • Some crystals may contain dark spots, which are carbon deposits and make the crystal more unique.
  • Handle with care!! Rose Quartz is a 100% natural stone and is fragile.
  • Solid strong Zinc Alloy continuous frame with Rose Gold plated.

Smooth and Noise-Free Roller Design

  • Silicone insertions installed inside our rollers keeps it rolling smooth, without any sticking and squeaking.
  • Enjoy a quiet and smoothing face massage.

How to use:
Cleanse the skin thoroughly and follow with a treatment mist. Dispense 5-10 drops
of your favorite facial oil or serum into the palm of your hand. Rub hands together to
warm the oil or serum and press to apply it all over your face and neck. This will help
the facial tool glide across the skin easily.

Face Roller
1. Use the Roller in an upward and outward motion, working from your neck towards
the forehead. Make sure to use it at least 5-10 minutes per time.
2. Small roller is good for eye area, nose and chin.
Tips: Place the roller in the refrigerator before use for extra cooling effects. Very good for relieving inflammation and sinus relief!

Gua Sha
1. Hold the Gua Sha tools at a 45-degree angle to the skin.
2. Start at bottom of your ear, sweep down your neck, move downward to your
3. Gently glide from the center of your forehead out, wiggling once your get to the
4. Gently glide from the side of your nose out to the temple and up to hairline to lift
the eyes and brow. Wiggling once you get to the hairline.
5. Start from the side your mouth and go up and under your cheekbone toward ear.
6. Using small tip end, glide over your jawbone. Start at middle of your chin and
sweep along your jaw toward your earlobe.
7. Use small tip end, gently glide from the beginning of your brow downward to your
nostril along your nose side.
8.repeating each stroke 5-10 times.

- Stop using gua sha if your skin has wounds, sensitivity or inflammation.
- Not recommended for people taking blood thinners.
- Do not use gua sha to scrape the abdomen, waist and sacrum during pregnancy.

Wash with a bit of mild, natural soap and water and lay flat to dry.
Set out in moonlight to recharge and re-energize the crystal occasionally.
Store in our custom pouch

  • 嚴選天然玫瑰粉晶,極致發揮晶石能量
  • 造工細緻,表面精緻平滑
  • 矽膠內墊,減低晶石與金屬磨損聲響,帶來靜音按摩享受
  • 天然粉晶面部按摩棒,能溫和推動淋巴系統,促進血液循環,有助消除水腫,黑眼圈,細紋。
  • 粉晶冰涼觸感,對收細毛孔,舒緩敏感肌膚亦有良好效果。配合日常護膚品使用,可加強吸收,令肌膚更緊緻。
  • 天然的水晶能為肌膚及身體帶來不同的正面影響,廣泛用於水晶美容,有助於身、心、靈提升。玫瑰晶石有助紓緩敏感肌膚。緩解緊張、壓力、增加幸福感,保持健康情緒。天然玫瑰晶石亦能增強愛情運。用於水晶美容,能達到改善外貌與氣質的效果。



每個套裝均配有Moody Mood自家設計的彈性收納袋,

2. 建議每次使用約 5-10 分鐘。
3. 從頸部到額頭,由內至外,下至上使用,切勿來回滾動。
4 按摩眼部時可使用按摩棒較小的一邊。

1. 刮痧板可使用於額頭、眼周、頸部、下巴、手臂、腿部。
2. 建議每天使用五分鐘,使膚色紅潤,加速新陳代謝,更有排水排毒功效。
3. 需配合美顏油、精華或護膚霜使用,每個部位不超過十次。
4. 面部:
4.1 刮板與皮膚呈45度進行刮拭
4.4由鼻翼側邊開始,斜向上刮至太陽穴下方停留按壓1-2秒,左右各 1次。
4.5由嘴角開始斜上刮至顴骨下位停留按壓1-2秒,左右各 1次。
4.6由下巴開始,沿頷骨上方,斜上輕刮至耳珠前停留按壓1-2秒,左右各 1次。
4.7 最後,由眉頭開始,沿鼻樑側邊,向下輕刮至鼻翼,左右各 1次。


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滾輪按摩棒145mm*60mm 淨重65g
刮痧板100mm*50mm 淨重60g

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