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No, you may just checkout as a guest. However, it is highly recommended to register with us for a faster checkout in future and we will send you the latest promotions and new products launch. 不需要。你可以訪客身份於soldsimple.com購物。但我們強力建議客人登記成為我們的會員,登記成功後,將來的購物過程會更輕鬆快捷,更可隨時接收最新購物資訊及優惠。
Placing an order on our website is simple! Get step-by-step on our How to Order Page. Please feel free to contact us at +(852) 8101-1001 or email CUSTOMER SERVICE if you have any further inquiry. Our customer service team is available on Monday to Friday, 11:00am-19:00pm (except public holidays). 透過本網站訂購產品過程非常簡單,詳情請細閱如何購買頁面。如有任何查詢,客戶可於星期一至星期五11:00至19:00(公眾假期除外)致電+(852) 8101 1001 或發送電郵與我們客服聯繫
Stock availability will be shown on our website, and whilst while we endeavour to ensure items are always available, there may be times when items will be out of stock. We will send you an out of stock email or SMS notification if your order was confirmed. Customer can select to exchange same value available item, or cancel and refund the item, we will proceed to refund you via the original payment method except COD if refunded by Store Credit as default. 本店將盡力確保所有產品有充足的存貨量。如在確認你的訂單後產品出現缺貨,我們將會通過電郵或短訊通知客戶。客戶可安排更換其他同等價值的現貨產品,或退還缺貨產品之金額,並將通過原來的付款方式退還給客戶,如選用貨到現金付款,退款將預設為以商店信用金額發出。
Unfortunately, you can't cancel or amend the order once payment has been confirmed. Therefore, please double check on your order contents and price before click "Complete Order". 我們一旦收到你已支付的訂單後,它將直接進入系統,一般情況下你的訂單不可能被修改和取消。所以,請你在確認訂單前檢查清楚你訂購的商品內容和價格。
We want to sort out any issues with the wrong or faulty item straightaway. Please read our Return & Exchange page for details and contact our Customer Service with the order number, the wrong or faulty item’s name, the pictures and a description of the wrong or faulty item. We'll get back to you as soon as possible and sort out your issues as quickly as we can. 我們希望可以盡快為你解決錯誤或損壞商品這問題,客戶請先細閱售後服務頁面詳情,並盡快與我們客服聯繫。客戶需提供訂單號碼,錯誤或損壞商品的名稱,相片及簡述錯誤或損壞商品狀況,我們會盡快回覆處理。
Please visit our Payment Method page for details. 有關付款詳情,請瀏覽我們的付款方式頁面了解。
Simply key in the coupon code at the field Coupon Code and click “GO” in your Shopping Cart page before proceeding on to check out. 客戶只要簡易地把優惠碼輸入結帳頁面之優惠碼欄內,然後點擊 “GO” ,優惠就會自動計算於帳單內。
Please note that your orders will be cancelled automatically without prior warning if payment is not made within 5 days. 如客戶未能於下訂單後5日內完成轉帳,你的訂單將會自動取消,恕不另行通知。如需購買請重新下單。
Yes, uses the PayPal secure payment processing system to handle our online transactions because we believe it gives you the best security. PayPal place great emphasis on guarding your personal and financial data. PayPal employ SSL technologies and a series of security procedures to protect your information and enable secured online shopping. PayPal will never reveal to the sellers or stores your financial data, such as credit card and accounts numbers. You are also protected from any unauthorized transaction. For more details, please visit PayPal. 本店採用PayPal安全付款系統,獨立處理信用卡付款的交易程序,為你提供最佳安全保障。PayPal 一向對個人及財務資料的保安非常重視,採用高科技如 SSL 技術及多項嚴謹措施保障你的個人資料,讓你網上購物安枕無憂。每次交易絕不會將你的信用卡號碼或銀行帳戶等財務資料向賣家或商戶透露;如你的帳戶出現未經授權的交易,亦會受到保障。 此外, PayPal 憑藉如預防欺詐工具、預防欺詐小組、業內最尖端的資料加密技術等,偵測及預測欺詐交易,務求為 PayPal 用戶的你提供及時保障。如想了解更多詳情,請瀏PayPal