22 Momme Mulberry Silk Sleep Gift Set (Silk Eye Mask & Silk Pillowcase)・Modern Gray 22姆米美肌真絲眼罩及枕袋套裝・Modern Gray

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Moody Mood

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Beauty Sleep is Real, with Moody Mood Mulberry Silk Sleep Set

The Pure Mulberry Silk is great for hair and skin. It’s hypoallergenic property eliminates allergies and asthma, which are caused by cotton and other synthetic fibers. So, it’s good for sensitive skin. In addition, it can help the skin remain moisture, reduce tugging and creasing of the delicate skin on your face, as well as prevent damaged hair or frizz. Designated for a comfy and sweet dream.

This set including a pure mulberry silk pillowcase and luxury soft silk sleep mask. And crafted from the highest grade (6A) long fiber mulberry silk with a 22-momme thickness, and enforce the stringent regulations with certified non-toxic dyes.

The Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

  • Give you comfortable cool, soft and smooth touch
  • Breathable
  • Reducing friction you’re your hair which often causes damage
  • Skin-friendly, Hypoallergenic and Anti-Aging
  • Practical hidden zipper design. It keeps the pillow secure and allows you to sleep on either side.

The Pure Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask

  • Soft like the clouds lays on your eyes
  • Ultra-lightweight and plush cushioned feel
  • Reducing friction you’re your hair which often causes damage
  • Skin-friendly, Hypoallergenic and Anti-Aging
  • Breathable
  • One size fits all
  • Perfect light blocking for a Full Night’s Sleep.

Care Instructions

  • Please use special silk detergent or mild soap to gently hand wash with cold water.
  • Lay flat and air dry. Do not scrub or twist dry.
  • No bleach, no fabric softener, no iron and separate from other items.

Moody Mood 真絲眼罩採用優質6A22姆米密度的天然桑蠶絲制作,由眼罩的面料以至內部的填充物均為真絲,並由手工縫製而成。眼罩的孤形設計能貼合面部肌膚,有效提升遮光度 。

  • 真絲的柔軟度、透氣度極佳,對皮膚有保濕作用,有助撫平眼紋
  • 阻擋我們雙眼感受微細光源,有助褪黑色素分泌,易於進入深層睡眠
  • 真絲能降低面部肌膚於睡覺時產生的磨擦,減少眼紋及睡痕產生
  • 防止頭髮變得毛燥,讓頭髮隔天起床後更順滑
  • 配有緞製收納袋,方便攜帶出門或旅行
  • 眼罩建議每周清洗一次,冷水手洗並平放待乾 

Moody Mood 真絲枕頭袋採用優質6A22姆米密度的天然桑蠶絲制作,減少睡眠期間拉扯秀髮造成的傷害,亦避免起床後頭髮變得蓬鬆雜亂。

  • 真絲的表面平滑、質地柔軟,且透氣度極佳
  • 當你側睡時面部肌膚會貼合枕套,而真絲能降低所產生的壓力磨擦,調節細胞膠原再生,保持皮膚的柔軟滋潤,減少眼紋及睡痕產生
  • 比起棉質和緞面更有效鎖水,防止頭髮變得毛燥及打結,讓頭髮隔天起床後更貼服順滑
  • 枕袋建議每周清洗一次,冷水手洗並平放待乾
  • 真絲拉鏈枕頭袋標準尺寸: 510*760mm


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