Anua Heartleaf Soothing Trial Kit Anua 皇牌魚腥草美肌體驗套裝 (爽膚水+棉片+精華+乳液)

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This convenient 4-step daily routine allows you to experience the soothing power of Anua's best-selling products wherever you go. Designed to enhance your skin instantly, this kit includes mini versions of the essentials:

  • Includes: Mini Toner Pad (2 sheets), Mini Toner (40ml), Mini Soothing Ampoule (10ml), Mini Soothing Cream (20ml)
  • Grown and harvested in Korea, our Heartleaf extract(houttuynia cordata) is well known for its anti-flammatory, soothing effect on skin
  • Heartleaf toner pad exfoliates and removes dead skin and impurities
  • Heartleaf soothing toner soothes irritated spots and gives hydration to skin
  • Heartleaf daily relief lotion includes three types hyaluronic acid that helps with deep moisturization
  • Heartleaf ampoule strengthens skin barrier, giving skin a glowy finish

How to use

1. After cleansing, use the embossing side of Toner Pad to double cleanse the face and avoid lip and eye areas.
2. Using the opposite side of the pad, wipe off the face once more to prep the skin.
3. Apply a moderate amount of Toner, Ampoule, followed by lotion evenly over the face and pat lightly for better absorption.

  • 包括:  77%魚腥草爽膚水40ml, 77%魚腥草潔膚棉片2片, 80%魚腥草鎮靜舒緩精華10ml, 70%魚腥草鎮靜舒緩乳液20ml
  • 蘊含魚腥草提取物、天然護膚精粹、水潤成分,溫和呵護嬌弱肌膚
  • 魚腥草爽膚水: 含有 77%魚腥草提取物,可高效穩定肌膚狀態,舒緩肌膚不舒適感。
  • 潔膚棉片:採用 77%魚腥草配製而成,可收緊毛孔並有效清除皮膚上的雜質。
  • 鎮靜舒緩精華:含80%魚腥草,質地水潤,能徹底快速地吸收水分且不黏膩。
  • 鎮靜舒緩乳液:含有 70% 魚腥草, 添加三重透明質酸保濕,為肌膚提供深層保濕和鎮靜效果。
  • 韓國製造


1. 潔面後,使用潔膚棉片的壓紋面清潔臉部,使用時請避開唇部和眼部區域。
2. 使用棉片的另一側再次輕輕擦拭面部,為肌膚做好準備。
3. 取適量爽膚水、精華和乳液均勻塗抹於臉部並輕輕拍打以促進吸收。

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