Natural Obsidian Sculpt+ Roller 天然黑曜石塑顏緊緻美容滾輪

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Moody Mood

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Moody Mood Crystal Scrulpt+ Roller is used to define facial features dramatically. Each sphere roll is designed with 170 cuts to help visibly contour and define your jawline, cheekbones and eyebrows are sculpted and lifted. Meanwhile, it helps with lymphatic drainage and increase blood circulation to reduce puffiness and complexion brightened.  The two sphere roll resemble a smooth kneading knuckle massage on the face can work gently on the skin and muscle levels, making the massage more effective.

- Helps contour and define your Jawline and Cheekbones
- Lifts your eyebrows
- Promotes lymphatic drainage
- Increases blood circulation
- Reduce puffiness
- Detoxification
- Brightens complexion 

- Hand-selected natural obsidian
- Solid strong Zinc Alloy continuous frame with rose gold plated
- Smooth and noise-free design roller
- Perfect as a gift for yourself and your beloved one.

It is the most powerful and protective crystals. Traditionally believed to relieve muscle inflammation, help absorb Vitamin C and D and strengthen body energy. It can promote balance and inner-peace within the body. To release toxins, improving skin’s elasticity and eliminating the appearance of puffiness and fine lines restoring a smooth youth glow.

How to use:
1. Cleanse the skin thoroughly and follow with a treatment mist.
2. Dispense 5-10 drops of your favorite facial oil or serum into the palm of your hand. Rub hands together to warm the oil or serum and press to apply it all over your face and neck. This will help the facial tool glide across the skin easily.
3. Begin on the jawline and apply light pressure as you roll outwards towards the ears for lifting effect.
4. Placing the rollers above and under the corners of the mouth, start rolling upwards towards the ear to sculpt the face and lift the skin.
5. Roll upwards from the nostrils towards the temples for sculpting.
6. Applying light pressure, gently roll underneath the eyes towards the temples.
7. Place the rollers on the center of the forehead and roll upwards towards the hairline.
8. Roll from the base of the jaw to the bottom of the neck.

- Wash with a bit of mild, natural soap and water and towel to dry it off. Store in our custom pouch.
- Set out in moonlight to recharge and re-energize the crystal occasionally 
- Due to natural formations in the crystal, each tool will be unique. Color will very slightly from the picture that is listed.
- Some crystals may contain dark spots, which are carbon deposits and make the crystal more unique.
- Handle with care!! 100% natural crystal is fragile.



天然的水晶能為肌膚及身體帶來不同的正面影響,廣泛用於水晶美容。 曜石能吸收負面能量,排除病氣,減低身體不適,作一個隱形的防護罩。 用於水晶美容,能達到改善外貌與氣質的效果。其冰涼觸感更有助收毛孔、舒緩,配合日常護膚品使用,加強吸收,令肌膚更緊緻。除面部外,亦適用於身體其他部位,如手臂及腿部等 

1. 潔臉及爽膚後,配合美顏油、精華或護膚霜使用。
2. 面部:由下顎經過顴骨滾動至耳旁、由嘴角至耳旁,由前額至頭頂。
3. 眼部:從眼睛下方至太陽穴、眼角至太陽穴。
4. 滾動時從下至上、內至外輕柔按壓,切勿來回滾動。
5. 眼周肌膚較薄,請勿過度用力按壓。

- 每次使用後請以中性清潔劑及溫水清洗,平放待乾。
- 晚上時可以把滾輪放置於月光之下,利用月光淨化晶石。
- 天然黑曜石每個顏色和紋路均略有不同實屬正常情況。
- 天然黑曜石屬易碎材質,需小心輕放。

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