RiRe Quick Hair Cushion 14g - Natural Black RiRe髮線氣墊粉14g (自然黑)

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  • Color: Natural Black
  • Full and voluminous hair simply by tapping - widow's peak correction, gray hair coverage, bald spot coverage
  • Natural color match provides natural looking hair
  • Ultra-adhering powder provides long lasting effects - resistant to sweat, offering a matte finish with no residue
  • Contains nourishing ingredients include green tea, centerlla asiatica, chamomile, aloe barbadensis leaf, arctium lappa seed, blackbean extract
  • Include a pyramid-shaped puff
  • Made in Korea
  • Expiry Date: 2027/01/01

  • 顏色: Natural Black(自然黑)
  • 美化髮際線和頭髮稀疏的位置
  • 色澤自然,打造豐盈感十足的秀髮
  • 超級貼服粉末型,不飛粉,防水防汗
  • 含綠茶、積雪草、洋甘菊、蘆薈葉、牛蒡子、黑豆皮提取物有助育髮
  • 鏡面圓盒,內附三角粉 撲,便攜出門
  • 使用方法: 以三角粉撲沾取粉末,以一壓二撥的方式塗抹於頭髮上
  • 韓國製造
  • 到期日: 2027年1月1日

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